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is a professional nurse who's desire... is to



“Building something from scratch and putting your all into it is so rewarding. Never give up on your VISION!”

— Shavon


“Time is the only commodity given to every human, that is destined to pass you by. Spend it wisely!”

— Myles Monroe

Meet Nurse Parker

Meet Nurse Parker

Shavon Parker is the official handle, but most of you may know me as Nurse parker. I was born and raised on the Westside of Philadelphia and

I have been an LPN for 7 years.  My nursing journey to becoming a nurse started back when I was a Medical assistant working for Drexel University OB/GYN. My inner being exudes the need to help others and although my journey wasn’t the traditional one It was the way that made sense for me.  I went to medical assistant school after I graduated High school.

I knew that my path was going to be different, but I also knew that through God all things are possible. I stayed a Medical assistant for 5 years before I decided to go back to school. Being a single mother, providing for my daughter was my top priority so going to school and

not working was not an option for me. I enrolled into Lincoln Technical Institutes LPN night program while I worked as a medical assistant

during the day. I graduated and started working as an LPN at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Although I loved working with children working in the hospital had become a tab bit overbearing to my time, so I decided to change paths, and, in that change, I fell in love with Home Care. I appreciated the flexible hours and the time it afforded me to spend with my daughter. Along the way of becoming NurseParker,

I obtained my Associates degree in Applied Sciences through Community College of Philadelphia.

Being an LPN working in the Homecare field I quickly found my drive-in nursing. I shifted my thinking from working for someone to working for myself and those thoughts planted seeds I didn’t see coming. I became an Independent Contractor for an agency in Philadelphia. I quickly shifted my thinking from employee to employer, so I birthed CodeRed Healthcare Services.  CodeRed is a healthcare company located in PA that provides not only homecare services but classes that teaches other nurses how to trust in their skills enough to become independent contractors.

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This new journey along with state regulations resurfaced my dreams of becoming an RN, so I went back to school.  I attended and graduated from Jersey College School of nursing with an associate degree as an RN.

So why does my title still say LPN?  Well, although I graduated from the program, I failed my exit 4 times ☹ and since there is no sitting for your boards without passing your exit…. Well you get the rest! However, I am a firm believer that God’s timing is the right timing and in the moment of “sitting still” I was able to birth “It’s NurseParker” Here you will find out

who NurseParker really is! Journey with me and find out how I manage to work, run a business, go to school, be a single mother, and have somewhat of a social life. My vision is that, It’s NurseParker becomes a platform for all nurses to come and escape from all the adversities we face on a day to day basis. I want to broadcast that it's ok to FAIL… that doesn’t make you a FAILURE.  Transparency with my audience is key for me. 

“There’s Struggle in The Journey, But it's Worth It”.

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Are you looking to connect with Nurse Parker? Here’s how! Fill out a connect form leaving all of your contact information and I will connect with you as soon as possible.

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