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Change Your Perspective

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I am who I am and all that I will be is not defined by my failures but by the attempts that I make repeatedly.

Never give up on yourself because without our cups overflowing, we cannot pour into anything or anyone else. We must have plenty for ourselves first so that way when we give, and we are not depleting what we need in order to maintain a healthy mental space, heart and soul.

Failure is not a negative thing and it took some time for me to learn that. Failure is your FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEARNING.... When we think we're taking an L in life... it's not a LOSS its LEVERAGE!!! Our perspective on where we stand in our lives will always determine how we face failure.

We must train our minds to see the good in all situations because nothing happens by accident. Everything is strategically laid out by god without our input. They’re tests which will ultimately create our testimonies. Our life was given to use by God and in return we're to live it purposefully but finding your purpose will require trial and error so you can't be afraid to fail or take an L and honestly when you start to change your perspective of those things happening, you began to look forward to them. You now know that you are gaining another part of yourself another notch on your growth belt.

Until next time Bloggers!!

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