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Medical Marijuana

Often times we take what we are accustomed to and create our own scenarios for that particular situation. Which is what most people have done with Marijuana! This little herb has had its fair share of controversy from social, political, and religious views. This newly legalized drug has raised some red flags with people who don't necessarily believe in its healing properties, although science has proven otherwise.

Is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Now before I get into my own personal perspective, I always love to fact check myself. Marijuana has many different chemicals in it call cannabinoids but the top 2 chemicals that are typically used for medicinal purposes are, THC and CBD. THC is the chemical that produces a high if you ingest it through edibles or smoke it. CBD which is known for its oils does not produce a high effect and is known for its healing effects. Cannabinoid chemicals are similar to the ones we make naturally in our own bodies that helps with appetite, movement, pain and even memory! So why is it so far fetch to think that this herb can help with reducing anxiety, reducing inflammation/pain relief, helps control nausea and vomiting, or even relax tight muscles which are typically found in patients with MS? In my opinion it is hard to believe because many people have associated this herb as the gateway drug to other drugs. I can't deny the facts about marijuana, in my opinion has it been misused? Yes! However from my nursing perspective and what I've witnessed this drug do, trump's its misuse in the pass. I've had several pediatric patients who has severe seizures that could not be controlled by pharmaceutical drugs, but was controlled by CBD oils. Which in fact the FDA has approved that CBD oils help maintain the control of severe seizures it is called Epidiolex. Not only does it help for seizures it has now been identified to help Chemo patients with pain, nausea and vomiting.

I challenge my readers to do their own research before falling into the mindset of what has happened in the past. We are ever evolving and so are the things that we once frowned upon.

Until Next Time Bloggers!

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This is an Awsome blog. Thanks for sharing your insight on the positive benefit when using for medicinal purposes.

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